Membership Benefits

The ASJL forms an Adult Black belt team that represents the USA in the WCJJO World Championships that is held every two years in various countries 

The ASJL also forms a team comprised of youth of all ranks and Adults of all ranks to participate with the AKJU Team America in the Irish Cup; which is held annually in Dublin Ireland

  • Discounts on tournaments, Clinics, seminars, and other ASJL sanctioned events
  • Actively support the US National Team
  • Opportunities to receive Rank verification and recognition with-in our national Organization

Rank Verification

  • ASJL members can have their current Ranks verified and tracked through our organization.
  • Under Black belt (kyu) grades and Black Belt (Dan) ranks can submit copies of their current certifications, and these will be verified by our ranking board officers.
  • Upon verification, an equivalent rank certificate will be issued and registered with the ASJL. Time in grade, point evaluations through competition, and service to the organization, will be monitored for advancement through the American Jujitsu League.
  • The ranks issued will be considered verified “Sport” jujitsu Ranks and will not replace the ranking of traditional martial art certifications.

Printable American Sport Jujitsu League Registration Form

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