Hall of FameThe American Sport Jujitsu League, Sport Jujitsu Hall of Fame is dedicated to providing recognition for the people who positively impact our sport; to keep an accurate account of our history; and to honor the men and women who have devoted their lives to the advancement of sport jujitsu for future generations. A full list of categories follows the nomination ballot.

Our Nomination categories:

The initial list of categories is reserved for those who have been involved in sport jujitsu for a minimum of 20 years, and who have made a significant positive impact on our sport. Our Hall of Fame is not limited to the ASJL, or former USJA or USSJA members. It is open to other sport Jujitsu organizations and wants to be inclusive to all. This is the best way to ensure an accurate account of the history and progress of Sport Jujitsu in its entirety.

The founder award is dedicated to anyone who has founded a legitimate sport jujitsu organization, or who was instrumental in the founding of an organization. The legend award is held for those who dedicated themselves to the growth of sport Jujitsu nationally or internationally and who have passed away. This will be an honorable mention category; however, an award can be made for family members.

The living Legend award is dedicated to those who have made a significant impact on sport jujitsu, not only in the USA but internationally as well. The Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Diamond awards are for those who have been consistently working to build sport Jujitsu for a specific amount of time. The Life Achievement Award is for someone who has been involved for 25+ years and has had national and international success; has been producing students, and continues to contribute to the sport.

The Decade Champion Award is dedicated to a competitor who dominated their competition class, nationally or internationally, for the better part of a ten year span (7 or more years) please note the time span decade. The outstanding contribution award is for a person who has worked on the mat, or behind the scenes, to assist with the growth and development of sport jujitsu.

Finally, Professor Tony “The Bear” Maynard Award; this award is special to the ASJL and nominations for this award should come from the ASJL lineage. This includes the former United States Jujitsu Association, former United States Sport Jujitsu Association, the former American Jujitsu League, and the current American Sport Jujitsu League. All other categories may have many people receiving that award; however, with the Tony Maynard Award Multiple Nominations can be made, but only ONE person per year will receive this award. The nominations will be reviewed and the recipient will be chosen by Professor Maynard, or the ASJL Board.

Annual Hall of Fame Awards

These awards are provided to honor those in the organization and within our affiliated dojos. Just a few of the 56 categories need explanation. The Overall Sport Jujitsu Competitor of the year will be chosen by point accumulation during the competition season, but this award does merit Hall Of Fame Status!!!

The Warrior award should be to a competitor or student that has exhibited fortitude in overcoming difficulties; has a strong work ethic, while remaining positive and successful. The Samurai award should be reserved for the true leaders of your dojo and/or competition team. They lead by example and have traits of the Warrior award category. The Bushido award should be for those who demonstrate the “code of conduct” that you desire for all of your students. They may or may not be a black belt, but are a shining example of a martial artist. The Inspiration Award is dedicated to those who have overcome great obstacles in life and continue to strive for the betterment of others; A true selfless person. The Humanitarian award is reserved for those who work outside of sport jujitsu or the dojo and strive to make the world a better place. Missionary workers, charity workers, those aiding the homeless, etc….

The  is for that person who should be honored for various reasons, but does not fit into one of our predetermined categories. This can also be a dojo award, team award, regional award etc..