In order to have an event sanctioned by the ASJL, and the host of the event must follow the rules published below.

American Sport Jujitsu League

  1. An individual, a club, dojo, or association may schedule and host a League event.
  2. The tournament host shall agree to follow rules and guidelines set forth by the ASJL.
  3. For an event to be recognized as officially sanctioned by the League, the tournament must include the Freestyle sparring format using the modified international rules established by the American Sport Jujitsu League in the free style (Sport Jujitsu) divisions.
  4. Tournament hosts may combine divisions to accommodate the number of participants in various sanctioned events; however, prior to the day of the event, all age, weight, and gender divisions must be offered and planned to take place.
  5. The host may, or may not, include other traditional, family oriented, martial arts categories during the sanctioned event, i.e. Kata competition of any type (solo, weapons, synchronized, compulsory, Judo/Jujitsu partner, etc.), self-defense/duo, Grappling (Traditional Ne-waza, Brazilian style, gi or no gi submission); however, the host must submit the designated rule format to the ASJL board or League officers thirty days prior to the event for approval.
  6. The League has formatted rules for kata categories, self-defense/duo categories, and grappling categories; however, these rules may be altered for specific or specialized events.
  7. Full contact or MMA style completion divisions will NOT be approved for any ASJL sanctioned event.
  8. There shall be no sanctioning fee for any ASJL event host; however, the host MUST use, and purchase tournament awards supplied by the ASJL. The awards will be supplied for all divisions that take place on the day of the event.
  9. The tournament host assumes responsibility of scheduling and acquisition of the event venue
  10. The tournament host assumes responsibility of providing adequate matting for the event; which must be in accordance with size and safety requirements set forth in the ASJL rules.
  11. The tournament host shall provide liability insurance for the event
  12. The ASJL shall provide award medals/medallions for each division of the event; host will be charged per division, not per award. (Example: a division has only two (2) competitors and is executed during the event, the host will be charged for the division awards 1st, 2nd, &3rd places)
  13. Host shall only be charged for divisions that take place, not for divisions offered. (Example: The event is advertised as having 90 divisions for various age groups and gender classes. The attendance dictates that some divisions are to be combined, and/or deleted and only 45 divisions are completed. The host will be charged for the 45 divisions that actually took place. However, the tournament host will be charged for the full 90 sets of Mylar inserts for the event.)
  14. The awards will be distinguished from one event to the other with Mylar type inserts for each sanctioned event. Providing an event name and artwork for the Mylar is the responsibility of the tournament host. Mylar produced for the event will be charged to the tournament host, as part of the award fees. The production of the Mylar inserts will be made in a number great enough to accommodate ALL offered divisions. Unused Mylar will become the property of the tournament host.

Please consider becoming a member in order to have events sanctioned by the ASJL.